When you come to Haines Creek RV Village, all your stress
will melt away.Relax and enjoy the camping!


Campground | Haines Creek RV Village - Leesburg, FL

Our campground provides many things for you and your family to do. When you come to Haines Creek RV Village, you will know you chose the right place for your vacation! From hanging out by the river, to visiting downtown, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Enjoy the amenities of toilets and showers during your stay. Got too dirty during the day and didn’t bring enough clothing? Do laundry with our onsite laundry room. You won’t have to worry about those set in stains or running out of clothes!

At each camp site is electrical hookup and free Internet. Charge your phones and other electronics during the night, so they are ready to go in the morning. After catching up on your morning news, head out on your boat to sunbathe in the warm Florida sun.

The campground also has a place to store your RVs and boats. Some campsites are not large enough to fit all the vehicles, so we have a convenient storage area for your boat. It will be ready to go into the water whenever you are!

Our paved roads make it perfect to teach your child how to ride a bike or rollerblade around the campground. The street lights make it easy to see at dusk and during the night, just in case nature calls throughout the evening. We make it so you are as safe as possible when visiting our campground in Leesburg, FL.

If our camping ground sounds like something you would enjoy, we are here to answer your calls. Learn more about our campground or arrange for a reservation by calling today!

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