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Fishing | Haines Creek RV Village - Leesburg, FL

In Haines Creek RV Village, we have a fishing dock set up on Haines Creek for the convenience of our guests. With 640 feet of space, you will never run out of room. Hold fishing camp here, hold competitions, or just fish because you want to. Whatever the choice is, it is completely up to you!

Since we are located on the river, there are abundant freshwater fish just waiting to eat your worm. We set the dock at the perfect fishing site, so you are sure to catch some fish for dinner tonight. Try for a bluegill, largemouth bass, or a sunfish. No matter what kind of fish you catch, they will be fresh and the best you have ever tasted.

If you are looking to catch a large mouth bass when fishing, spring is the best time to visit. This is the time the bass spawn and move into shallow water. March and April are perfect months to catch these fish.

Bluegill is one of the most common panfish found in Florida. Use a worm to catch bluegill throughout the summer. This is the time when they spawn and congregate in large beds.

During the cool season, try fishing for crappie, also known as a speckled perch. These are great to eat and are found during the cool months. Night fishing is also a good way to catch crappie, especially during the summer.

Haines Creek RV Village is the perfect spot for fishing in the Leesburg, FL area. If you are camping at our RV park, don’t forget to check out the fishing dock! Schedule your spot today!

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